• Curated by Spiritual Vegan Wellness Coach
    Felicia Cox

    @VeganTastesGood | @VTGRetreat

    "Spirituality begins with food"

    ~Felicia Cox.

    Sacred healing experience through mind, body and spirit activation activities.


    Immersive sound healing baths, herbal education, yoga, guided meditation, juicing and plant-based meal cooking classes and workshops, communication and sensory activities.

  • Meet Your VTG Retreats Host & Facilitators

    Mind, Body, & Spirit Activation Curators

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    Host, Felicia Cox

    Found of VTG Retreats & Vegan Tastes Good LLC
    Spiritual Wellness Coach
    Certified Vegan Health Nutrition Coach
    Sound Alchemy Healer
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    Instructor, Diamond King

    Meditation Coach & Yoga Teacher
    Certified Sound Healer
    Breathwork Practitioner
    Frequency Facilitator & Hypnotherapist
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    Chef, Jesse "TheTruth" Garcia


    Owner, The Truth Sauce LLC

    Host of Growth Health Wellness Podcast

    Cookbook Author

    Dallas, TX

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    Chef, Brandon "Bam" Waller


    Owner, Plant-Based Restaurant

    Bams Vegan in Dallas, TX

    Cookbook Author

    Featured in DHome Magazine

  • VTG Mini Wellness Retreat | ATL

    N. Georgia Mountains

    Private Blue Ridge Mountain Cabin w/ Special Guest Chef, Jesse Garcia

    January 26-29, 2024

    Click below to Register for the Atlanta Mini Retreat:

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    VTG Wellness Retreat | ATL Mini-Retreat

    Cherry Log, Georgia | January 2023


  • VTG Wellness Retreat | Uvita, Costa Rica

    A Culinary Experience

    Private Jungle Villa w/ Special Guest

    May 31 - June 4, 2024

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    VTG Wellness Retreat

    2 Spots Remaining

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  • VTG Wellness Retreat | (Ubud) Bali, Indonesia

    A Mind, Body, Spirit Activation Experience

    Private Ubud Jungle Villa

    August 12-17, 2024

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  • VTG Wellness Retreat | (Ubud) Bali, Indonesia

    Purification & Cleansing | Intention Setting Experience

    Gaia Retreat Center

    April 21-26 2024


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  • Ubud, Bali | VTG Wellness Retreat


    Registration Closed

  • VTG Wellness Retreat | Tulum, Mexico

    July 19-24, 2023


  • VTG Bali Wellness Retreat | Ubud, Bali

    June 25-30, 2023


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    Spirituality begins with food...

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