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In a world that often demands more than it gives for women of color, VTG Retreats offers sacred spaces for Goddesses to reconnect, rejuvenate, and rediscover their Queendom. These divine experiences are not just a break from the daily hustle of life but a deep look inward, initiating personal growth and community building. Here’s a closer look at the benefits retreats offer to women of color seeking a reconnection with self along this spiritual journey.

1. Wound Healing and Renewal

Retreats provide a safe and sacred space free from the pressures and distractions of everyday life, allowing for deep emotional and spiritual healing. VTG Retreats offers a sanctuary where women can process and release past traumas, emotional pain, and mental blockages for more clarity on the journey. The act of retreating itself is a powerful statement of self-care, self-love, and fullfillment.

2. Cultural Appreciation

For women of color, retreats are often spaces where our cultural identities are not only acknowledged but celebrated. Our community events and retreats often incorporate rituals, practices, and traditions that resonate deeply within our heritage, providing a sense of belonging and affirmation that is sometimes not present in our daily environments.

3. Establish Community

VTG Retreats brings together like-minded women who share similar life experiences and spiritual goals. Our community aspect offers connections and networks that can be an oasis of support long after our retreats ends. The bonds formed are in alignment and lasting, providing a foundation for continuous spiritual and personal growth.

4. Divine Feminine Empowerment

In our safe and nurturing retreat oasis, women of color are encouraged to explore their inner Divine Feminine and softness. Workshops and activities designed to enhance self-awareness, confidence, and vulnerability empower participants to return to their Divine Feminine with a renewed sense of what it means to trust and surrender.

5. Mindfulness and Inner Peace

Practicing meditation, yoga, and communication sensory exercises with VTG Retreats allows a space to cultivate a space of inner peace and mental clarity that can translate where ever we are on our personal journeys. Our practices help in managing stress, improving emotional and nervous system regulation, all while fostering a sense of calm that can be carried into everyday life.

6. Spiritual Awakening & Self Discovery

VTG Retreats provides the time and space for deeper spiritual practices and exploration. Through guided meditations, spiritual workshops and ceremonies, or introspective reflection, participants have an opportunity to deepen their connection with the divine and their own spiritual paths.

7. Connect with Nature

Our retreats are held in serene natural settings, allowing women to reconnect with Mother Earth. The connection with nature can be both grounding and healing, offering a reminder of the beauty and tranquility that exists right in front of our eyes. With a huge emphasis on giving back to Mother Earth what she has given to us, we position ourselves in a divine space of manifesting what is in alignment with our path and purpose.

8. Holistic Wellness

Retreats always take a holistic approach to well-being, incorporating aspects of physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. A space where we work with expert facilitators in nutritional and spiritual cleansing guidance, physical activities to help detox the mind, body, and spirit, and communication wellness workshops ensure that participants leave feeling revitalized on all levels.


For spiritual women of color, retreats are more than just a getaway; they are a profound investment in oneself. These experiences foster healing, community, empowerment, and spiritual growth, offering tools and insights that can transform lives. As we return to our daily lives, we carry with us the strength, peace, and wisdom gained, ready to face the world with renewed enlightment and purpose.

Embrace the opportunity to retreat, and discover the boundless benefits awaiting you on this transformative journey.